Literature 1700 – 1800

Daniel Defoe: "The True-Born Englishman," satire
George Farquhar: "Sir Harry Wildair," comedy
Sir Charles Sedley, Eng. author, d. (b. 1640)
Sir Richard Steele: "The Funeral, or Grief A la Mode," comedy

George Farquhar: "The Twin Rivals," comedy
Earliest form of Eng. pantomime given at Drury Lane, London
Yokai Yagu, Jap. poet, b. (d. 1783)
Edward Busshe: "The Art of English Poetry"

Samuel Pepys, Eng. diarist, d. (b. 1633)
Charles Perrault, Fr. author, d. (b. 1628)
Richard Steele: "The Lying Lover," comedy
John Adair: "Description of the Sea Coasts and Islands off Scotland"

George Farquhar: "The Stage Coach," comedy
Jean-François Regnard: "Les Folies amoureuses," comedy of manners
Jonathan Swift: "A Tale of a Tub"
William Wycherley: "Miscellany Poems"

Colley Cibber: "The Careless Husband," comedy
His Majesty's Theatre opens in London
Sir Richard Steele: "The Tender Husband," comedy
Sir John Vanbrugh: "The Confederacy," comedy

Daniel Defoe: "The Apparition of One Mrs. Veal"
John Evelyn, Eng. diarist, d. (b. 1620)
George Farquhar: "The Recruiting Officer," comedy
Sir John Vanbrugh: "The Mistake," comedy
IsaacWatts: "Horae Lyricae"

Farquhar: "The Beaux' Stratagem," comedy
George Farquhar, Eng. dramatist, d. (b. 1678)
Henry Fielding, Eng. author, b. (d. 1754)
Carlo Goldoni, Venetian dramatist, b. (d. 1793)
Alain Ren6 Lesage: "Le Diable boiteux"

Petter Dass, Norw. poet, d. (b. 1648)
Lavinia Fenton, Eng. actress, later Duchess of Bolton, b. (d. 1760)
First Ger. theater opens in Vienna
Jean-François Regnard: "Le Légataire universal," comedy
Christian Weise, Ger. dramatist, d. (b. 1642)

Alain René Lesage: "Turcaret, ou Le financier," comedy of manners
Alexander Pope: "Pastorals"
First issue of Steele's and Addison's: "The Tatler"
Samuel Johnson, Eng. author, b. (d. 1784)

Thomas Betterton, Eng. actor and dramatist, d. (b. 1635)
William Congreve's collected works published (3 vols.)
Marie de Camargo, Fr. ballet dancer, b. (d. 1770)
"The Examiner," literary periodical, issued for first time
First appearance of comedy character of Hanswurst in suburban theaters of Vienna

Kitty Clive, Eng. actress, b. (d. 1785)
Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon: "Rhadamiste et Zénobie," tragedy
"The Spectator" begun by Addison and Steele
Jonathan Swift: "The Conduct of the Allies"
Alexander Pope: "Essay on Criticism"

William King, Eng. author, d. (b. 1663)
Alexander Pope: "The Rape of the Lock"
Christian Reuter, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1765)
Jonathan Swift: "A Proposal for Correcting the English Language"

Joseph Addison: "Cato," classical tragedy
Alison Cockburn, Scot. poet, b.(d.1794)
Alexander Pope: "Ode on St. Cecilia's Day"
Scriblerus Club founded in London by Swift, Pope, Congreve, and others
Laurence Sterne, Eng. novelist, b. (d. 1768)

John Gay: "The Shepherd's Week," pastoral
Nicholas Rowe's Stage Edition of Shakespeare (9 vols.)

Christian Gellert, Ger. author, b. (d. 1769)
Gian Vincenzo Gravina: "Della tragedia"
Lesage: "Gil Blas de Santillane" (- 1735)
Matthew Prior: "Solomon, or The Vanity of the World," didactic poem
In actor James Quin (1693-1760) appears for first time at Drury Lane, London, as Bajazet in Nicholas Rowe's "Tamerlane"
Nicholas Rowe: "Lady Jane Grey," drama
Nahum Tate, poet, d. (b. 1652)
Ewald Christian von Kleist, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1759)

Jean-Jacques Barthélemy, Fr. author, b. (d. 1795)
"Fénix Renascida," anthology of Port. poetry, edited by da Silva
First company of Eng. actors appears in America, at Williamsburg, Va.
John Gay: "Trivia"
Thomas Gray, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1771)
Hakuseki: "Ori-Taku-Shiba," Jap. autobiography
William Wycherley, Eng. dramatist, d. (b. 1640)

David Garrick, Eng. actor, b. (d. 1779)
Great Fr. actress Adrienne Lecouvreur (1692-1730) appears for first time at the Comédie frangaise, Paris, in "Electre" by Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon
Horace Walpole, Eng. statesman and man of letters, b. (d. 1797)

Colley Cibber: "The Non-Juror," comedy
P. A. Motteux, Fr. dramatist, d. (b. 1660)
Nicholas Rowe, Eng. poet and dramatist, d. (b. 1674)
Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille, writes "Edipe," tragedy

Daniel Defoe: "Robinson Crusoe"
Thomas D'Urfey (1653-1723): "Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy"
Johann Wilhelm Gleim, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1803)
Ludvig Holberg: "Pedar Paars," comic Dan. heroic poem
Joseph Addison, Eng. essayist, d. (b. 1672)

Defoe: "Memoires of a Cavalier"
Samuel Foote, Eng. dramatist and actor, b. (d. 1777)
John Gay: "Collected Poems"
Old Haymarket Theatre opens in London
First serialization of novels in newspapers

William Collins, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1759)
Pierre de Marivaux: "Arlequin poli par l'amour," comedy
Montesquieu: "Lettres persanes," novel in letters
Matthew Prior, Eng. poet, d. (b. 1664)
Tobias Smollett, Eng. novelist, b. (d. 1771)

Daniel Defoe: "Moll Flanders"
Dan. dramatist Ludvig Holberg begins his theater in Copenhagen
Richard Steele: "The Conscious Lovers," comedy
John Burgoyne, Eng. general and dramatist, b. (d. 1792)

Johann Christian Giinther, Ger. poet, d. (b. 1695)
John Thurmond: "Harlequin Dr. Faustus" given as pantomime at Drury Lane, London
Voltaire: "La Henriade," history

Daniel Defoe: "Roxana"
Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1803)
Longman's, the oldest Eng. publishing house still extant, founded

Letters of Mme. de Sévigné (1626-1696) published (posth.)
Allan Ramsay: "The Gentle Shepherd," dramatic pastoral
James Thompson (1700-1748): "The Seasons," poem in blank verse
Alexander Pope: "The Odyssey" of Homer translated

Jeremy Collier, Eng. author, d. (b. 1650)
Daniel Defoe: "The Four Voyages of Captain George Roberts"
Louis Florence d'Epinay, Fr. author, b. (d. 1783)
Jonathan qwift: "Clulliver'q Travels"
John Vanbrugh, Eng. dramatist and architect, d. (b. 1664)
Voltaire, banished from France, flees to England (- 1729)

Hester Chapone, Eng. writer, b. (d. 1791)
Philippe Destouches: "Le Philosophe marie," comedy
John Gay: "Fables," Vol. I
Moses Hayyim Luzzatto: "Migda Oz,allegorical drama in Hebrew

Henry Fielding: "Love in Several Masques," comedy
Oliver Goldsmith, Anglo-Ir. man of letters, b. (d. 1774)
Alexander Pope: "The Dunciad" (Books 1-3)
Allan Ramsay: "Poems"
Richard Savage: "The Bastard"
Thomas Warton, Eng. poet laureate, b. (d. 1790)

Edmund Burke, Brit. author and statesman, b. (d. 1797)
William Congreve, Eng. dramatist, d. (b. 1670)
Henry Fielding: "The Author's Farce" (Haymarket Theatre, London)
John Gay: "Polly," ballad opera
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Ger. author, b. (d. 1781)
Clara Reve, Eng. novelist, b. (d. 1807)
Albrecht von Haller: "Die Alpen," Swiss pastoral poem
Richard Steele, Eng. author, d. (b. 1672)

Elijah Fenton, Eng. poet, d. (b. 1683)
Henry Fielding: "Rape Upon Rape," comedy
Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux: "Le Jeu de I'amour et du hasard," comedy
Anne Oldfield, Eng. actress, d. (b. 1683)

Charles Churchill, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1764)
William Cowper, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1800)
Daniel Defoe d. (b. 1661)
Ramón de la Cruz, Span. dramatist, b. (d. 1794)
George Lillo: "The London Merchant," drama
Marivaux: "La Vie de Marianne" (-1741)
Abbé Prévost: "Manon Lescaut"
Katharina Elisabeth Textor, Goethe's mother, b. (d. 1808)
Girolamo Tiraboschi, Ital. author, b. (d. 1794)

Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, Fr. dramatist, b. (d. 1799)
Julie de Lepinasse, Fr. author, b. (d. 1776)
Philippe N~ricault (Destouches): "Le Glorieux," comedy
John Gay, Eng. dramatist, d. (b. 1685)
A London theatrical company performs for the first time in New York (Pearl Steet)

Christoph Friedrich Nicolai, Ger. author, b. (d. 1811)
Christoph Martin Wieland, Ger. author, b. (d. 1813)

John Dennis, Eng. dramatist, d. (b. 1657)
François Goyot de Pitaval (1673- 1743): "Causes célèbres et intéessantes"
Charles Johnson: "The Lives and Adventures of the Most Famous Highwaymen"

P. C. Nivelle de La Chauss6e (1692-1754): "Le Préjugé A la Mode," "comédie larmoyante"
Marivaux: "Le Paysan parvenu"
First 4 vols. of "Swift's Collected Works" published in Dublin (- 1772, 20 vols.)

James Macpherson, Scot. poet, b. (d. 1796)

Frances Abington, Eng. actress, b. (d. 1815)
Licensing Act restricts number of London theaters, and all plays before public performance to be subjected to censorship of Lord Chamberlain
Matthew Green: "The Spleen," poem
Dr. Samuel Johnson and David Garrick leave Lichfield for London
Thomas Paine, Anglo-Amer. author, b. (d. 1809)
Ignacio de Luzán Claramunt de Suelves y Gurrea: "Poètica," laying down classic rules in Span. literary composition

Samuel Johnson: "London," epic poem
Alexis Piron: "La M6tromanie," Fr. comedy
Jonathan Swift: "A Complete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conversations"
Olof von Dalin: "The Envious Man," Swed. tragedy
John Wolcot (Peter Pindar), Eng. author, b. (d. 1819)

Jonathan Swift: "Verses on the Death of Doctor Swift"

Carl Michael Bellmann, Swed. poet, b. (d. 1795)
James Boswell, Scot. author, b. (d. 1795)
Colley Cibber: "An Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber, Comedian"
Louis de Rouvroy, Duc de SaintSimon: "M&moires" (- 1752)
Samuel Richardson: "Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded"

Thomas Betterton: "A History of the English Stage"
Founding of Burgtheater, Vienna
Pierre A. F. Choderlos de Laclos, Fr. novelist, b. (d. 1803)
Robert Dodsley: "The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green," drama
David Garrick's debut in London as "Richard 111" (Goodman's Fields)
Samuel Richardson: "Familiar Letters"
First Ger. Shakespeare translation printed ("Julius Caesar," by C. W. von Borck)
Voltaire: "Mahomet," tragedy

Crébillon fils: "La Sopha," Fr. novel
Henry Fielding: "Joseph Andrews"
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Ger. critic and aphorist, b. (d. 1799)
William Somerville, Eng. poet, d. (b. 1675)

Johannes Ewald, Dan. poet, b. (d. 1781)
Henry Fielding: "Jonathan Wild the Great"
Richard Savage, Eng. author, d. (b. 1697)
Voltaire: "Méope," drama

Alexander Pope, Eng. poet, d. (b. 1688)
Johann Gottfried von Herder, Ger. author, b. (d. 1803)
Samuel Johnson: "Life of Mr. Richard Savage"

Jonathan Swift: "Directions to Servants in General"
Jonathan Swift d. (b. 1667)
James Thomson: "Tancred and Sigismunda," tragedy
Samuel Johnson: "Observations on the Tragedy of Macbeth"

Gellert: "Fabeln und Erzdhlungen"

Gottfried August Bfirger, Ger. author, b. (d. 1794)
Charles Coll&: "La V~rit~ dans le vin," comedy of manners
David Garrick: "Miss in her Teens, or The Medley of Lovers," comedy
Christian Gellert: "Die kranke Frau," comedy
Thomas Gray: "Ode on Eton College"
Alain Ren~ Lesage, Fr. author, d. (b. 1668)
Voltaire: "Zadig," philosophical tale
Samuel Johnson: "Plan of a Dictionary of the English Language"

Marie-Thérèse Geoffrin opens salon as meeting place for Parisian men of letters
Carlo Goldoni: "The Liar," Venetian comedy
Carlo Gozzi: "Turandot"
Klopstock: "Der Messias" (- 1773)
Samuel Richardson: "Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady"
Tobias Smollett: "The Adventures of Roderick Random"

Vittorio Alfieri, Ital. dramatist, b. (d. 1803)
William Chetwood: "A General History of the Stage"
Henry Fielding: "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling"
Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the greatest Ger. writer, b. (d. 1832)
Samuel Johnson: "Irene," tragedy

Goldoni: "The Café," comedy
Thomas Gray: "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard"
Aaron Hill, Eng. dramatist, d. (b. 1685)
Samuel Johnson begins "The Rambler" (-1752)
First playhouse opens in New York

Lessing becomes literary critic of the "Vossische Zeitung," Berlin
Robert Paltock: "The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish Man"
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, In dramatist, b. (d. 1816)
Tobias Smollett: "The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle"
Johann Heinrich Voss, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1826)

Fanny Burney (Mme. D'Arblay), Eng. novelist and diarist, b. (d. 1840)
Thomas Chatterton, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1770)
Henry Fielding: "Amelia"
Charlotte Lennox: "The Female Quixote"
Philip Freneau, "poet of the American Revolution," b. (d. 1832)

Goldoni: "La Locandiera," comedy
Samuel Richardson: "Sir Charles Grandison"
Tobias Smollett: "Ferdinand Count Fathom"

Thomas Bowdler, Eng. Shakespeare editor, b. (d. 1825)
George Crabbe, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1832)
Crébillon pbre: "Le Triumvirat," tragedy
Henry Fielding, Eng. novelist, d. (b. 1707)
Salomon Gessner: "Daphnis"
Ludvig Holberg, Dan. dramatist, d. (b. 1684)
Joel Barlow, U.S. poet and diplomat, b. (d. 1812)

Philibert Louis Debucourt, Fr. poet, b. (d. 1832)
Sarah Kemble (Mrs. Siddons), Eng. actress, b. (d. 1831)
Elizabeth Lebrun, Fr. poet, b. (d. 1842)
Lessing: "Miss Sara Sampson," domestic tragedy
Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), Fr. choreographer, becomes ballet master at Drury Lane, London
Voltaire: "La Pucelle d'Orl&ans"
Samuel Johnson: "Dictionary of the English Language" (- 1773)

Robert and James Dodsley: "Theatrical Records"
William Mason: "Odes"
Russ. Royal Court Theater founded at St. Petersburg
Voltaire: "Désastre de Lisbonne"

Karl August, Grand Duke of SaxeWeimar, Goethe's patron, b. (d. 1828)
William Blake, Eng. poet and artist, b. (d. 1827)
Swiss poet J. J. Bodmer (1698-1782) edits "Das Nibelungenlied"
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle, Fr. author, d. (b. 1657)
John Dyer: "The Fleece," poem
Gellert: "Geistliche Oden und Lieder"
John Home: "Douglas," tragedy
John Philip Kemble, Eng. actor, (d. 1823)

Diderot: "Le Père de famille," drama
Salomon Gessner: "Der Tod Abels," Ger. Biblical play
Samuel Johnson: "The Idler," weekly periodical (-1760)
Jonathan Swift: "The History of the Four Last Years of the Queen"

Robert Burns, Scot. poet, b. (d. 1796)
William Collins, Eng. poet, d. (b. 172 1)
Thomas Godfrey: "The Prince of Parthia," tragedy
A. W. Iffland, Ger. actor, b. (d. 1814)
Samuel Johnson: "Rasselas," moral tale
Lessing: "Philotas," tragedy
Schiller, Ger. poet and dramatist, b. (d. 1805)
Voltaire: "Candide," philosophical novel
Thomas Wilkes: "A General View of the Stage"

Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, Fr. poet, b. (d. 1836)
Lavinia Fenton, Eng. actress, d. (b. 1708); she made her theatrical fame in 2 years (by 1728), and died Duchess of Bolton
Oliver Goldsmith: "Citizen of the World"
Johann Peter Hebel, Ger. author, b. (d. 1826)
James Macpherson ("Ossian"): "Fragments of Ancient Poetry, Collected in the Highlands," famous literary fraud
Friederike Caroline Neuber, Ger. actress, d. (b. 1697)
Laurence Sterne: "Tristram Shandy," vols. I and 2
Peg Woffington, Eng. actress, d. (b. 1714)

Charles Churchill: "The Rosciad"
George Colman: "The Jealous Wife," comedy
Goldoni: "Una delle ultime sere di Carnevale," comedy
Samuel Richardson, Eng. novelist, d. (b. 1689)
Rousseau: "Julie, or La Nouvelle 1-161dise" (-1765)
Benjamin Victor: "History of the Theatres of London and Dublin"
August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue, Ger. dramatist, b. (d. 1819)

Crébillon père, Fr. dramatist, d. (b. 1674)
André de Ch&nier, Fr. poet, b. (d. 1794)
Diderot: "Le Neveu de Rameau"
William Falconer: "The Shipwreck"
Goldoni: "Le Baruffe chiozzotte," Venetian comedy
Tobias Smollett: "Sir Lancelot Greaves"
Wieland translated 17 Shakespeare plays into German (- 1766)
Edward Young: "Resignation," poetry
Robert Lowth: "Introduction to English Grammar"
William Cobbett, Eng. reformer and journalist, b. (d. 1835)

Boswell meets Johnson for the first time
Xavier de Maistre, Fr. author, b. (d. 1852)
Giuseppe Parini: "ll Mattino," first section of the four-part poem "Il Giorno"
Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (pseudonym, Jean Paul), Ger. author, b. (d. 1825)

The Literary Club founded in London by Dr. Johnson, with Burke, Gibbon, Goldsmith, Reynolds, etc.
Literary salons founded in Paris by Mme. Necker and Mile. de Lespinasse

Thomas Chatterton forges the "Rowley" poems
Thomas Percy and William Shenstone: "Reliques of Ancient English Poetry," collection of ballads
M. J. Sedaine (1719-1797): "Philosophe sans le savoir," Fr. social drama
Horace Walpole: "The Castle of Otranto," so-called Gothic novel

Oliver Goldsmith: "The Vicar of Wakefield," novel
Theatre Royal, Bristol, opens, oldest Brit. theater still in use
Dan.-Ger. diplomat and author Heinrich Wilhelm von Gerstenberg formulates in his "Briefe i1ber die Merkwilrdigkeiten der Literatur" the principles of "Sturm und Drang"
Wieland: "The Story of Agathon," Ger. psychological novel

Michael Bruce: "Elegy Written in Spring"
Oliver Goldsmith: "The Good Natur'd Man," comedy
Lessing: "Minna von Barnhelm," comedy
Rousseau settles in England, receives pension from George III
August Wilhelm von Schlegel, Ger. author, b. (d. 1845)
Laurence Sterne completes "Tristram Shandy" (begun 1759)


François de Chateaubriand, Fr. author, b. (d. 1848)
Thomas Gray: "Poems"
M. J. Sedaine: "La Gageure impr6vue," play
Laurence Sterne d., having finished his "Sentimental Journey" (b. 1713)
Zacharias Werner, Ger. religious poet, b. (d. 1823)

Ernst Moritz Arndt, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1860)
Fr. dramatist Jean-Franqois Ducis (1733-1816) produces Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in Paris
Christian Gellert, Ger. poet, d. (b. 1715)

Thomas Chatterton, Eng. poet, d. (b. 1752)
Johannes Ewald: "Rolf Krage," first Dan. tragedy
Oliver Goldsmith: "The Deserted Village," poem
Friedrich H61derlin, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1843)
William Wordsworth, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1850)

Matthias Claudius publishes his poems and essays in "Wandsbecker Bote"
Thomas Gray, Eng. poet, d. (b. 1716)
Klopstock: "Odes"
Walter Scott, Scot. novelist, b. (d. 1832)
Tobias Smollett, Eng. novelist, d. (b. 1721)
Wieland: "Der neue Amadis," poem
Charles Brockden Brown, the first professional U.S. writer, b. (d. 1810)

György Bessenyei (1747 -1811): "The Tragedy of Agis," Hungarian drama
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Eng. poet and philosopher, b. (d. 1834)
Choderlos de Laclos: "Les Liaisons dangereuses," novel
The G6ttinger Hainbund, society of young patriotic Ger. poets, formed
Sand6r Kisfaludi, Hungarian poet, b. (d. 1801)
Lessing: "Emilia Galotti," tragedy
Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg), Ger. poet, b. (d. 1801)
Manuel Jos6 Quintana, Span. poet, b. (d. 1857)

Gottfried August Bürger: "Lenore," famous Ger. ballad
Goethe: "Götz von Berlichingen," drama; "Urfaust," first version of "Faust"
Oliver Goldsmith: "She Stoops To Conquer," comedy
Herder: "Von deutscher Art und Kunst," manifesto of "Sturm und Drang" movement
Klopstock finishes his "Messiah" (begun 1748)
Swed. national theater established in Stockholm
Ludwig Tieck, Ger. poet, b. (d.,1853)

Lord Chesterfield: "Letters to His Son," on how a gentleman should behave
Goethe: "The Sorrows of Werther," novel
Oliver Goldsmith d. (b. 1728)
Robert Southey, Eng. author, b. (d. 1843)
Wieland: "The Story of the Abderites," satirical novel

Vittorio Alfieri: "Cleopatra," Ital. tragedy
Jane Austen, Eng. novelist, b. (d. 1817)
Beaumarchais: "The Barber of Seville," comedy
Goethe settles in Weimar
Samuel Johnson: "A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland"
Charles Lamb, Eng. essayist, b. (d. 1834)
Sheridan: "The Rivals"
Sarah Siddons appears for first time at Drury Lane, London

Alfieri: "Antigone"
The Burgtheater, Vienna, becomes National Theater
Goethe: "Stella," tragedy
E. T. A. Hoffmann, Ger. author and composer, b. (d. 1822) ("Tales of Hoffmann")
J. M. R. Lenz: "Die Soldaten," drama
F. M. von Klinger: "Sturm und Drang," drama which gave the movement its name, 11 storm and stress"

Court and National Theater, Mannheim, founded
Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqu~, Ger. romantic poet, b. (d. 1843)
R. B. Sheridan: "The School for Scandal," comedy
Heinrich von Kleist, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1811)

Clemens Brentano, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1842)
Fanny Burney: "Evelina," novel
Ugo Foscolo, Ital. author, b. (d. 1827)
William Hazlitt, Eng. author, b. (d. 1830)
Herder publishes his collection of folk songs (- 1779)
Voltaire: "Irène"
James Kirke Paulding, U.S. writer and Secretary of the Navy, b. (d. 1860)

David Garrick, Eng. actor, d. (b. 1717)
Samuel Johnson: "Lives of the Poets" (- 1781)
Lessing: "Nathan der Weise," verse drama
Thomas Moore, fr. lyric poet, b. (d. 1852)
Adam Gottlieb Oehlenschläger, Dan. poet, b. (d. 1850)
Sheridan: "The Critic," farce
Wieland: "Oberon," romantic poem

Matthias Claudius: "Lieder fOr das Volk"
Frederick the Great: "De la litt6rature allemande"
John Wilson Croker, Brit. Tory leader, founder of Athenaeum Club, b. (d. 1857)

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Ger. dramatist and critic, d. (b. 1729)
Rousseau: "Confessions"
Schiller: "Die Rduber," drama
Adelbert von Chamisso, Ger poet, b. (d. 1838)

Fanny Burney: "Cecilia," novel
William Cowper: "Poems"
H. F. R. de Lamennais, Fr. author,b.(d.1854)
Herder: "The Spirit of Hebrew Poetry"

William Blake: poetical sketches
George Crabbe: "The Village," Suffolk poem (see 1945 "Peter Grimes")
Washington Irving, Amer. author,b.(d.1859)
Schiller: "Fiesco"
Stendhal (Marie Henri Beyle), Fr. novelist, b.(d.1842)
Yokai Yagu, Jap. poet, d. (b. 1702)

Beaumarchais: "The Marriage of Figaro," comedy
Ludwig Devrient, Ger. actor, b. (d. 1832)
Leigh Hunt, Eng. author, b. (d. 1859)
Schiller: "Kabale und Liebe," drama
Samuel Johnson d. (b. 1709)
Phillis Wheatly, Amer. Negro poet, d. (b. 1753)

William Cowper: "John Gilpin"
Thomas de Quincey, Eng. author, b. (d. 1859)
Jakob Grimm, Ger. author and folklorist, b. (d. 1863)
Alessandro Manzoni, Ital. poet and novelist, b. (d. 1873)
Thomas Love Peacock, Eng. author, b. (d. 1866)
The Reverend James Wilmot of Warwickshire identifies Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Albans (1561-1626), as author of Shakespeare's plays

Berlin Court Theater opens
Ludwig Bdrne, Ger. author, b. (d. 1837)
John Bourgoyne: "The Heiress," play
Bijrger: "Gedichte"
Robert Burns: "Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect," beginning a Burns vogue
Goethe's Italian journey (- 1788)
Wilhelm Grimm, Ger. author and folklorist, b. (d. 1859)
Musdus: "Volksmdrchen der Deutschen," Ger. fairy tales

Beaumarchais: "Tarare," comedy
Jacques-Henri Bernardin de SaintPierre: "Paul et Virginie," Fr. idyll
Goethe: "Iphigenie auf Tauris"
Johann Heinse: "Ardinghello und die ghickseligen Inseln," Ger. novel
Edmund Kean, In actor, b. (d. 1833)
Mary Russell Mitford, Eng. author, b. (d. 1855)
Schiller: "Don Carlos"
John S. Miles, U.S. editor and legislator, b. (d. 1856)

Lord Byron, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1824)
Goethe: "Egmont," tragedy
Friendship between Goethe and Schiller
Friedrich Rfickert, Ger. author, b. (d. 1866)
Joseph von Eichendorff, Ger. romantic poet, b. (d. 1857)

William Blake: "Songs of Innocence"
James Fenimore Cooper, Amer. author, b. (d. 1851)
Goethe: "Torquato Tasso," tragedy .
Kdlidisa: "Sakuntala," trans. into English by William Jones

Robert Burns: "Tam O'Shanter"
Royal Literary Fund initiated by David Williams (1738-1816)
Alphonse de Lamartine, Fr. author, b. (d. 1869)

M. J. de Chénier (1764-1811): "Henry VIII" and "Jean Calas," two plays produced in Paris with F. J. Talma
Goethe is named director of the Weimar Court Theater (- 1817)
Franz Grillparzer, Aust. dramatist, b. (d. 1872)
Theodor K6rner, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1813)
Christian Schubart, Ger. poet and musician, d. (b. 1739)
Eug~ne Scribe, Fr. dramatist and librettist, b. (d. 1861)

John Keble, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1866)
Frederick Marryat, Eng. novelist, b. (d. 1848)
Percy Bysshe Shelley, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1822)

John Clare, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1864)
Goldoni, Venetian dramatist, d. (b. 1707)
Marquis de Sade (1740-1814): "La philosophie dans le boudoir," Fr. novel

William Blake: "Songs of Experience"
André de Ch6nier executed (b. 1762)
Ram6n de la Cruz, Span. dramatist, d. (b. 1731)
Drury Lane Theatre, London, reopened
Goethe: "Reinecke Fuchs," satirical poem
Xavier de Maistre: "Voyage autour de ma chambre"
Jean Paul: "Hesperus"

Carl Michael Bellmann, Swed. poet, d. (b. 1740)
James Boswell d. (b. 1740)
Goethe: "Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre,"
John Keats, Eng. poet, b. (d. 1821)
Robert Southey: "Poems"
J. H. Voss: "Luise," epic idyll

Fanny Burney: "Camilla"
Robert Burns d. (b. 1759)
August Wilhelm Iffland (1759-1814) becomes director of the Berlin National Theater
Karl Immermarm, Ger. author, b. (d. 1840)
Thomas Morton: "The Way to Get Married," comedy
Jean Paul: "Siebenkds"
August von Platen, Ger. poet, b. (d. 1835)
L. Tieck: "William Lowell" (novel of "Weltschmerz")
Wordsworth: "The Borderers," tragedy

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: "Kubla Khan" (published 1816)
Annette von Droste-Hfilshoff, Ger. novelist, b. (d. 1848)
Ugo Foscolo (1778-1827): "Tieste," tragedy
Goethe: "Hermann und Dorothea," pastoral poem
Jeremias Gotthelf, Swiss author, b. (d. 1854)
Heinrich Heine, Ger. poet. b. (d. 1856)
Friedrich Hö1derlin: "Hyperion"
Ann Radcliffe: "The Italian"
August Wilhelm von Schlegel begins his Shakespeare translation

Willibald Alexis, Ger. novelist, b. (d. 1871)
Charles Brockden Brown: "Wieland, or the Transformation"
Ugo Foscolo: "The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis"
Kotzebue: "The Stranger," Drury Lane Theatre, London (an adaptation of Kotzebue's play "Menschenhass und Reue," 1789)
Giacomo Leopardi, Ital. author, b. (d. 1837)
Adam Mickiewicz, Pol. poet, b. (d. 1855)
Wordsworth and Coleridge: "Lyrical Ballads"

Honoré de Balzac, Fr. novelist, b. (d. 1850)
Beaumarchais d. (b. 1732)
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Ger. author, d. (b. 1742)
Novalis: "Heinrich von Otterdingen"
Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin, Russ. poet, b. (d. 1837)
Schiller: "Wallenstein," trilogy
Schlegel : "Lucinde"

William Cowper, Eng. poet,
d. (b. 1731)
Maria Edgeworth: "Castle Rackrent," Gothic novel
Thomas Morton: "Speed the Plough," comedy in which, for the first time, a reference to the character Mrs. Grundy appears
Jean Paul: "Titan," Ger. novel
Schiller: "Maria Stuart"
Mme. de Staël: "On Literature"